Song of the Day: “Dear Moon” by Seth Kessel

Musician Seth Kessel | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Today’s song is “Dear Moon” by Seth Kessel. The Brooklyn, New York songwriter/guitarist Kessel is a well-traveled songwriter, singer, and guitar player. He had widespread professional music career in various bands and as a producer/studio engineer with notable success.

His musical influences run the gamut with inspirations including Elvis Presley,  Howlin’ Wolf,  Johnny Cash, Django Reinhardt, The Clash, and Bad Brains. So it is no wonder on “Dear Moon” Kessel brings a lovable modern twist to some classic rock ‘n roll music.

His imaginative and sparking lyrics complement the endearing music for a familiar sound that he makes all his own.

“Dear Moon” is about the isolation an artist feels being holed up in a NYC apartment trying to finish an a creative project.

”This song is about living through the New York winters as an artist that stays up late each night. I wrote this after a stretch of not seeing daylight, only to leave the apartment in time to catch the moon staring back at me. I tried to capture the isolation and melancholy of how I was feeling in that moment by writing directly to the moon.”

This song is off his upcoming album Ride on Through due out this June.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages

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