Based in the Tri-State area, Eat Sleep Breathe Music is a music blog dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest music information.

ESBMusic was founded in 2008 by three NJ music-obsessed sisters. Through the years we have had some great contributors, but due to time constraints, the site is now run by the youngest of the three Jeanette.

Whether it was listening to boy bands and 80’s music as a child or going to rock concerts all through high school in college, Jeanette has had a love of music since the time she was young. She started writing about music events that she was invited to as a perk of working in media and from there the blogging bug had got her. Taking her passion for writing and love of music along with the help of her two sisters Suzanne and Alison, Eat Sleep Breathe Music was born.

While her passion is looking for new music and promoting up-and-coming bands you will also see music from some of her favorite artists.

Here you will find featured news, interviews, reviews, videos, and our favorite, the song of the day.

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