Song of the Day: “This Place (feat. Milena Casado)” by Aman Jagwani

Anubha Kaul and Aman Jagwani | Song of the day Feature | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
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Today’s song is “This Place (feat. Milena Casado)” by Aman Jagwani. Hailing from Mumbai, Jagwani is a 22-year-old drummer, composer, producer, and educator.

His music is inspired by the sensations experienced every day that give depth to human life. In this context of empathy, Aman aims for his music to be a positive, global force.

Aman has an extensive portfolio of live performance experience both as a bandleader and sideman. He has showcased his first album at venues across India, Europe, and the USA and has been a well-sought-out drummer for artists in the Indian and Boston Jazz scenes. Aman is well- known for his interactive and engaging live performance style that is energetic but still finessed and mindful at the same time.

This latest track is hoping to spread positivity and a feeling of hopefulness to get to a better place. Aman explains

This is the title track of the record and is about the pursuit of a ‘better place’ in life, this can be an emotional, mental, physical, intellectual, or any kind of place that the listener chooses to relate to. The name of this song and the album is a play on the word displace (This place phonetically sounds similar to displace) so the song is essentially telling the listener to adapt and displace from the place they’re into their better or ideal place. There are a lot of musical references to the theme. In the drum performance, I am constantly displacing the rhythms and motifs. Then in the middle, there is a transition section that displaces a little chunk of the verse melody into a 5/8 time signature. Lastly, the song starts in one key, and after the flugelhorn solo displaces to another.

In his music, he strives to create moments of seamless synergy between the audience, the artist, and the world. This track has an effortless and uplifting spirit that will give the listener a calm and easy feeling. Its breezy, uplifting musical arrangements paired with powerful lyrics and Anubha Kaul’s sweet soul vocals pull the song come together effortlessly. It also features a flugelhorn solo by Milena Casado. The combination of jazzy grooves and electronic synth beats will appeal to a variety of music lovers.

This song is the title track off his upcoming album due out May 21st of this year. Listen below and for more information on Aman Jagwani check out his official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages

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