Lyndol Descant “Let It All Krumble” Video

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Let it All Krumble, Let it All Fall

This is the simple yet powerful mantra espoused by Texas-based jazz/pop singer-songwriter Lyndol Descant on her new single and music video “Let It All Krumble.”

She is inspired to give expression to the struggle of creatives – to put their authentic art out there in the face of such a profit-driven system. Rejection can be so devastating that their entire creativity is shut down. It’s exactly then that we have to let go of the need for success in a corrupted system.  

“I wrote this song 8 years ago; my first year in Brooklyn. I was hustling hard, renting a room, and barely making rent. I was surrounded by all the grossness of NYC that you have to experience on a daily basis; from pollution to rotting garbage to poverty to dilapidated living spaces that cost more than a whole house back home. But despite what surrounded me, I felt more alive than ever. I was songwriting like crazy, performing weekly and teaching music to children from all walks of life. I was so just so thankful for the experience. I really did feel a whole new level of joy and peace on the inside. This type of invulnerability can get you through the tough times, so I wanted to share it at a time when so many are facing tremendous obstacles in their lives.”

In her new video, she portrays the importance of how this can help you rise up even in tough times. The video was directed by Avant Guard director Eric Norcross (Death and Life).

Filmed on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn It opens with a man (the comedian/actor/wrestler Lawson Leong) getting a rejection letter about his paintings. He then proceeds to throw away all his art into a large garbage bag with the intention of throwing it in the river. He passes dancers (Erel Pilo and Descant) and later a man with his muses who are dressed as ’20’s dancers bouncing along to the music.

As he gets to the river you think he will throw the bag in, but instead, he drops it on the sidewalk and walks away. Descent comes up and looks through that bag. She then brings it back to the apartment from the first scene. Lyndol rings the bell and the screen goes black.

The music has a jazzy and upbeat calypso that will give you a burst of energy and make you want to dance along with the ladies in this video. Her lyrics boast a feeling of euphoria that can give you hope for another day (“nothing around me sparkles/but still my heart dances tonight/nothing around me shines/still my mind sees the light.)

Watch below and for more information check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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