Song of the Day: “The Fire” by jefff

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Today’s song is “The Fire” by jefff. . This is the latest track from the Key West, Floridian singer/songwriter.

Like his other tracks “Windows” and “R U Hip to 2 the Revolution,” jefff continues with with his message of inspirational and conscious music.

This time around he calls upon reggae rhythms and rocking guitar melodies to create an inviting track. These sounds take you away with their warm, beachy feel. For anyone looking to get away pop on this tune and you will be at the beach in no time.

Listen below and for more information on Jefff check out his official websiteFacebook, and Instagram pages.

More About jefff:
Musician, savant, pied piper, guru, father, partner, world traveler, kite, and wave surfer.

Hailing from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, jefff started playing piano at 7, began writing songs at 13 and studied, Jazz, music theory, history, and philosophy.

He fronted the super groovy Massachusetts world beat band “Entrain” for 3 years and has been based in Key West, Florida for the last 15 years. During this time jefff has jammed with musicians such as Jimmy Buffet, Zach Brown and G-Love and has recorded 4 solo albums.

On August 14th, jefff releases his new single “R U Hip 2 the Revolution?” along with a cinematic video.

In it, jefff asks the question and invokes a response from the listener: “The evolution of the human spirit and of music are inexorably tied to one another.  If we are to survive and grow thru these strange and troubled times, the music must unite us with a shared vision, re-invigorate us and ground us.”

“I believe I am an integral part of this next level communication. I am excited by the opportunity today to explore new avenues of inspiration with regards to sweet soul music when the world needs it most; and I feel most ready when world calls on me.”

jefff will continue to share his world vision through music during the Fall with further single and video releases culminating in the release of his new album “My Last CD” on November 20th. Recorded in Key West, this is a collection of funky and island rhythm songs, recorded with friends in the studio and live, to “move your mind and for your ass to follow.”

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