Song of the Day: “Psycho” by Soundhoose

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Today’s song is “Psycho” by Soundhoose. The LA-based project by Brandon Smith.

Soundhoose was formed by Brandon Smith in 2018 while attending the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. Smith writes, records, produces and mixes everything himself.

Soundhoose takes influences from Green Day, Linkin Park, Yungblud, Nickelback, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Rise Against, Twenty One Pilots, Muse, All Time Low, and My Chemical Romance and makes an effortlessly rocking track that shines. 

This track is the follow-up to his debut full album Mr. Bad Luck, EP Into The Wild. While creating Mr. Bad Luck, Brandon created the “character” Mr. Bad Luck, the name under which he performs, (similar to the Blurryface character for Twenty One Pilots).

According to Mr. Bad Luck, the song is, “an upbeat rebellious anthem that screams I’m a misfit and a psycho. During the time of quarantine, you’re really forced to reflect, and when you don’t have the approval of parents, friends, or strangers, you begin to doubt yourself. This track is naming all the names/labels you’ve been called over the course of this time and you’re owning it. You’re constantly having people doubt you and it’s totally ok. Everyone handles things differently and the one thing Mr. Bad Luck does is he embraces who he is, even if that means being called a psycho.” 

So if you’ve been feeling this same way, you’re not alone! This track just might be the anthem for how many of us felt at some point over the last year.

Soundhoose features a heavy and audaciously awesome alt-rock that packs a punch and leaves a smile on your face.

This track is off their album Quarantine Psycho out this April. 

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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