Weezer Drops New Album “OK Human” Today

Ok Human Weezer Album Cover Alien in a Tube next to a White Man in a Clear Tube | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

My husband likes to send me music updates from time to time. It’s nice since I’ve been busy working on other projects. This week he sent me a post by music site KERRANG! that had news about how Weezer still plans on heading out on their Hella Mega tour this summer unless the Covid stops them.

This is great news by fans of Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day!

There is also a bonus for Weezer lovers. The band dropped their newest album Ok Human. A nod to Radiohead’s Ok Computer. However, that is where the similarities stop. This album is said to be inspired by The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and his classical arrangements. Cuomo’s enlisted a 38 piece orchestra to play all the parts that would normally be taken up by guitars and other instruments.

There is also a video for the track “All My Favorite Songs.” It opens with Cuomo lost in his Google Pixel 5 phone until he hears his name being called. He goes on to tell google to record a video and goes into a symphonic melody with a backdrop of a computer scrolling through a social media account.

Like the album, the song is a representation of Cuomo’s life over the pandemic. We are stuck in our digital world of interactions and need to break free.

If you’re in need of some more Weezer, never fear. The band is coming out with Van Weezer an ‘80s metal homage coming out May 7th. Here’s to hoping the concert still goes forward!

Watch below and get the album now.

The video

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