Song of the Day “Something Wrong with the Phalange” by The Pocket Gods

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Today’s song is “Something Wrong with the Phalange” by The Pocket Gods.

This pandemic has been hitting a lot of us hard. Thankfully music has been a great outlet for getting out the frustrations and anxiety from social distancing.

This is exactly what has been helping Mark Christopher (MC) Lee, lead singer, and songwriter for the British group. Music has helped him deal with mental health pressures from being put on lockdown. So much so his latest album is a indie-pop escapism from these serious issues.

They are also talked about in the rockumentary Weird: The Life and Times of a Pocket God which is available on Amazon Prime and was nominated for a coveted Jean Luc Goddard award.

This track is a reference to the last episode of Friends entitled “The Last One.” The song is in reference to when Phoebe tells Rachel Phoebe saying there is a problem with the fictitious “left phalange” of the plane.

It’s a fun track with an upbeat opening that is reminiscent of one of Phoebe’s acoustic diddies. The gritty vocals talk of being sick of box sets and needing to get away. A lot of us can relate to this track. So it’s a fun and meaningful time.

Listen below and for more information check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

About The Pocket Gods:

A cult lo fi indie band from St Albans, England discovered by the late John Peel and recently featured in Billboard. Faves of BBC6 music. The band was originally discovered by the legendary DJ John Peel and even get name-checked in his auto-biography Margrave Of The Marshes. Recent champions of the band include Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1, Tom Robinson (2,4,6,8 Motorway) and Steve Lamacq. The Pocket Gods hold an official Guinness World Record (most tracks on an album) for their 100X30 series of albums (100 songs all 30 seconds long) which were written as a protest against lack of fair royalties for artists from streaming,  

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