Ages and Ages at CMJ

Another CMJ first timer Portland’s Ages and Ages, rocked out to a full house at Brooklyn’s Union Pool Friday Night. They featured a set heavy with songs from their sophomore album Divisionary.  The band is an amalgamation of sounds stemming from what seems to be folk roots. The harmonics in their songs are very uplifting and nothing showcases that more than the song they chose to open with, “Light Goes Out”.  There is something to be said for a band to open with the crowd stomping and clapping in time with the beat.  They closed of course with the song that closes their album and has lots of people talking “Divisionary.”  This is an interesting song that starts off with a mellow chant accompanied by guitar that builds into a crescendo of sound that engulfs the listener.  The beat is quick to internalize but there is a lot going on that intrigues the listener and makes them want a repeat listen or ten.

For more information check out their official website and Facebook page.

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