CMJ Canadian Invasion (the Muscadettes)

These up and coming French Canadian twins rocked The Lit Lounge Friday Oct. 24 as part of the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon.  The band wasted no time in their USA debut, heading straight for the Big Apple and playing in one of the largest showcases in the world.  These Montrealers quickly filled the cramped confines of the downstairs stage with their hybrid of 60’s surf rock and 90’s garage grunge.  The crowd reacted well to the upbeat tunes that are filled with catchy hooks and moments when you swear Frankie and Anette may jump out at any time.  “Honey Let Go” was a personal favorite of this reviewer and encapsulates what these ladies are about, a quick upbeat tune, with a few lyrics you cant help humming to yourself.   Another great track to look for is “In the Sun” which opens up with rolling drums and levels out with some great vocals that really puts an exclamation point on the surfing theme present in the Muscadettes music.

The Muscadettes currently have a 5 track EP available with a full LP on the way. For more information check out their bandcamp and Facebook pages.

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