Nicholas Kopernicus Packs Heat

Nicholas Copernicus was a Renaissance Astronomer. Nicholas Kopernicus, though, is no heir apparent, nor is it even one man. Kopernicus is a Digital Age instrumental duo, consisting of pianist and producer Jason “Classicbeatz” Minnis and guitarist Seon Gomez. Just like Copernicus did it all back in his day, Kopernicus blends a number of styles and sounds that sum up to their own take on Rhythm and Blues.

Their debut album, Audiocentric, consists of Gomez’s soulful guitar over Minnis’ digitized DnB and melodic keys. Each track features a different style as the group looks to take the listener on “a modern journey through music of the African Diaspora.” “Natural High” is obviously their reggae track, and “Spittin’ Blues” begins as straight blues but evolves into a hip-hop track when the beat comes in and Ash Holmes starts spitting. “Legacy” is pure funk and “The Southside” is a jazz/funk hybrid reminiscent of Lettuce and Galactic.

The group’s indicative sound, however, comes at the start of the album with “Candle Dreams” and opener “Commentariolus.” Both tracks blend rhythm and blues with their own unique style and musicianship. The latter hovers just over the two-minute mark, but features Claptonesque guitar intriguing the listener from the start. The prior is a four-minute jam featuring Brandy Means on the flute and Manuel Lopez on the bongos.

Flute and bongos along with saxophone and harmonica are found throughout, adding to the different styles and keeping the album fresh and unique. Although these guys don’t yet have the exposure, they are coming out with some great music that definitely deserves a listen. The album is original and the musicians on it all know how to play their instruments, and play them well. Check it out if you get a beat.

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