Side FX experiments with performing a full set online via ustream


Last week, I thought I’d try something new and watch a band perform live online. The lucky band was Side FX from Washington D.C. and they blend pop, rock and jazz into a smooth, groovy listening experience. Perfect for mellowing out after a long day.

When I first tuned in, I experienced brief interruptions due to buffering and advertising. Since I was so comfortable at home, I was more patient than usual and continued watching. What proceeded was a relaxing musical experience with Kim Cameron’s inviting vocals and Side FX’s subtle yet engrossing performance. I think their songs especially lend themselves to such an intimate setting. It allows the band’s brilliant understatement to be appreciate for what it is.

It was also interesting to see the chat that was going on along side the performance as it was happening. Like eavesdropping, but better. After the performance people were able to tell the band what they thought and ask questions which Side FX graciously answered.

All in all, I thought this was great way to cement a relationship with fans that have already seen the band perform elsewhere. The production was professional and impressive and the room they got to film it in was brimming with elegance and warmth. Kudos to the band for experimenting with a new platform and for putting on a great show. You can still see the show if you missed it, or you can always visit the band’s website and find out when they’re playing live in person near you.

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