Pete Francis: Out on His Own

Pete Francis successfully distinguishes his solo career from his Dispatch days with the recent release of The Movie We Are In.

Francis’ gentle voice comforts fans, reminding them why they became fans in the first place; yet as a solo artist Francis experiments with new, different sounds. And he does it with talent.

While some may remember the acoustic style of Dispatch, Francis plays with more electric, more modern, and even futuristic elements throughout his new album. Consider the song “Good Man.” In less than four minutes experience an upbeat tempo and electric motives. The guitar breakdown pulses emotion through the music, instead of solely relying on Francis’ voice. However, it is still his voice that ties the song together. It’s just an edgier side of Francis that he’s kept hidden from us until now.

Toward the end of the album, Francis slows his audience down with “St. Paul’s Fair.” The song is a relapse to the artist’s softer, acoustic-influenced side and slowly transforms listeners into a dream-like state. It’s a nice touch to an overall more upbeat, and hence uncharacteristic, album from Francis. And the lyrics of this song are relatable; after all, everyone’s felt “as lonely as a library” at one point or another. Give it a listen and you may stumble upon your own interpretation of why Francis titled his solo project The Movie We Are In.

The album is available now on Pete Francis!

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