Song Of The Day "Finger Generation" by Showstar

The SOTD is “Finger Generation” by Belgian Pop group Showstar. This song is one of the many greats songs off Think Ringo, Showstar’s third album, it follows < .> (‘Dot’), the 2006 album which saw the group reach maturity and achieve at least part of their artistic ambitions. Think Ringo is the logical continuation of the last album, musically somewhere between slag pop (the Dirty Pretty Things-like ‘Battle of the Bands’ and the sprightly ‘Love’ …), a mix of tormented dreams ( ‘Residents of the Lost Club’) and mild paranoia for nights that won’t last (‘Think Ringo). One step closer to the heights of glory for a band whose easy-going appearance conceals insidious melodies and devastating cynicism. Click here to listen to “Finger Generation”, and get Think Ringo on Showstar - Think Ringo.

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