Hawthorne Heights Tour Dates

Platinum selling artists Hawthorne Heights are making a deal with their fans in light of the current economic state.  On their upcoming Get a Ticket, Get an Album” summer tour, when fans purchase a ticket to their local show, they will also receive a download for the new album, Skeletons, which hits stores and Hawthorne Heights June 1.  Not only will fans get the album’s original 13 tracks, but they will also be able to download 2 additional exclusive tracks (“Gravestones” acoustic & “Boulevard”).

Check out what JT, Micah, Matt & Eron think about the tour:

“Come one, come all to the Get a Ticket, Get an Album Tour! “But wait HH, how does this work?” Simple. When you purchase a ticket to see us perform on this tour, you are also purchasing a digital copy of our new album, SKELETONS at the same time and for one low, cheaper than two visits to that fancy green and black coffee place that we’re all so fond of, price! Once your purchase your Ticket/Skeletons package, we’ll send you an email containing a link to download your copy of Skeletons on June 1st! Now you won’t have to convince your mom to take you to the store or convince your boss to let you off work. We know…you’re bummed at how easy we’re making this for you, but we just want to make sure that you know ALL the words to the new songs when we come to your hometown and melt your faces this summer! Get your tickets/Skeletons fast because with prices this low, this offer won’t last long!

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