NKOTB Back on "The Block&quot Album Review

New Kids on the block "The Block" CD Cover Dany, Jon, Donny, Jordan and Joe | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Getting ready for the upcoming concert, I decided to purchase New Kids on The Block’s new CD, The Block. Not having released any new music in the last 14 years, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album.

Fortunately, after listening to the CD I was pleasantly surprised. This is pretty great album. New Kids had definitely grown up with this CD and it is very apparent by the music and lyrics. Realizing, that their fans are no longer pre-pubescent adolescents, they have successfully put together a contemporary album reflecting sexy Pop, and R&B beats.

They also were smart to have collaborations with new popular artists including Ne-Yo, Akon, The Pussycat Dolls, and Lady Gaga along with older well-known artists like New Edition.  Additionally, they enlisted the help of producer Timbaland, on the track “Twisted” which you can definitely feel his influence and happens to be one of my favorites on the CD. This CD is great for old fans, new listeners, and anyone who likes Pop music. The Block is available now. Listen to the album below and check out their official website for more information

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