NKOTB Great Performance at First US Show

2008_0923NKOTB0014 Tonight I went to see the first US show of NKOTB’s tour. I had been waiting three months for this concert and I must say it surpassed all my expectations. After 15 years, the boys from Boston still have the same energy, talent, and dance moves.

I knew that there would be a lot of women at this show, but seeing all them in one place was ridiculous. There were tons of women in comparison to the amount of men. You looked at the men’s room and there was no line. It was hysterical.

Everyone was representing their old school flair and fanfare. Some people had their old New Kids t-shirts like me, while other people had buttons and hats. One girl had turned her old sheets into a dress. It was amazing.2008_0923NKOTB0012

The opening acts were good, but I was so excited to see New Kids that I couldn’t really sit through them.

They played a lot of old songs and a few off the new Block album such as “Click Click Click,”Summertime,” “Single,” and my favorite “Twisted.”2008_0923NKOTB0004

The best part of the show was when they came out into the middle of the crowd on a circular small stage that rotated. They sang  some old favorites, such as “Tonight” and  the new song “Dirty Dancing.”

The performances and the stage design were great. They had a lot of lights and pyrotechnics that made the show. They definitely still have the “Right Stuff” and are amazing performers.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any face time, but we did see that Zach guy. We were tempted to go over and talk to him, but we were a few rows back and it would have been a hassle to get there. Maybe next time. Check out my videos.

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