Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Party Featuring Gym Class Heroes

Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy at Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Party | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Tonight Rolling Stone had its 40th Anniversary Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. The show featured Gym Class Heroes and a special DJ performance by Pete Wentz.

The Hard Rock is a really nice place for seeing bands. It is very big and you can pretty much see whether you are up on the second level or on the ground floor. The last time I was there was for another Rolling Stone event featuring the Bravery. It was mainly a media party so the floor didn’t get as crowded as this time when the GCH played.

The show opened with Pete Wentz spinning. My sister and I wanted to get up close so we stalked out space up close to the stage at the beginning of the night. It was really weird seeing him up close that night. I felt like such a gawker. I have a big love/hate relationship with Pete Wentz. In a way, he really irritates me, but at that same time, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of him. At one point in the evening, I remember him saying something about NJ and everyone got pissed and was like “what the hell.” It was funny he just kept smiling. He’s such a ham. He calls himself a “bar mitzvah DJ.” Playing the music you want to hear. He did a lot of mash-ups which I’m not really a fan of. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

After PW finished deejaying, two other bands came out. The first one was Tyga. It was two guys, maybe more like boys since they looked really young. They were good at getting the crowd amped up. They were really cute. They did some of their own songs and a cover of “Soulja Boy.”

The second band featured a female singer, Charlotte Sometimes. For such a tiny woman, she had a powerful voice. I liked the music. Myspace describes her as NU-Jazz, Alternative Pop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of this band.

After Charlotte finished, we had to wait for some time. Then finally Gym Class Heroes came out. The atmosphere was different from regular media parties because the show had been open to the public. So the feeling was more like a real concert. Where people were slightly shoving the people up-front because they were trying to get there themselves. Luckily, the crowd wasn’t that bad and we held our own for the whole show.

I was really excited to see the band since I had been listening to their new CD. It’s funny because for the longest time I hated that song “Cupids Chokehold” but now I like it even though it’s kind of silly. They put on a really good show. We were standing by the one guitarist and he was really hot. I don’t know what it is about a guy on stage but it just makes an average-looking guy look even better.

They know how to put on a good show. It’s funny how people  There were these two girls who were standing by us and kept waving at Travis and the guitar player who was positioned by where we were standing. They were trying to get their attention as if they would just stop the performance and talk to them. It was pretty crazy. The girls looked kind of out of it so maybe that was the reason for them acting like that.

Throughout the show, my sister and I were hoping that there would be a surprise guest, and sure enough, when the band played the final song, “Clothes Off” Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy came out and sang with Travis.

When that song came on they even had the gym class hero come out. It’s this big purple person thing wearing a striped shirt. I feel bad for whoever had to wear that costume. The purple guy was lifting up his shirt like he was going to take his clothes off.

Gym Class Heroes at Rolling Stone 40th Anniversary Event | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Below is a video clip from Rolling Stone Video featuring an interview with Pete Wentz about his deejaying skills and some clips from the show.

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