Rolling Stone Luncheon with Linkin Park

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On Friday, May 11, 2007, I had quite possibly is the greatest lunch of my life. I got to meet one of my favorite groups and actually interact with them. Rolling Stone had a luncheon with Linkin Park and then had a Q & A session.

I was so excited about this all week. I absolutely love their music and I have to admit have a little crush on Chester.

My coworkers kept making fun of me and my friend Jeanette that we were like adolescent schoolgirls.

But whatever I love them, and Chester and Mike were so cute in person and who cares if it took all my energy to pick my jaw off the floor and actually string words together when talking.

The lunch was awesome, Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson actually walked around the room for a little and were talking to people, they were super nice and humble. I still think I am shock that they actually came over to me. I know they are normal people but they are Linkin freaking Park.

First Brad, the crazy-haired guitarist, came over to our table and was talking to us about random things like casual Friday dress. Then Mike Shinoda came over to me (as someone said I was so in shock my face had an expression like why would u come over to talk to me) he was also super nice and I talked to him for a bit about their bamboozle show that prior Sunday.

Then they were all summoned back for the Q & A session to begin. They were all really well-spoken, funny, and interesting to listen to. It was cool to hear about the problems they faced making their first cd, their influences, and their upcoming tour. Their new CD is laced with some more serious political issues and they said some really thought-provoking stuff and it was cool to hear their views. (Republicans stay away from songs “Hands Held High” and “The Little Things You Give Away.”)

I am super excited for their tour this summer and totally can’t wait to see them again and see them perform their new songs which I’ve been listening to it since Friday nonstop, it is amazing.

It is so different than Hybrid Theory and Meteora and definitely a lot less hard and with less Mike Shinoda. I love when he is on the tracks too but and if you know my taste in music usually like things with a little more angry screaming which is why I love their old stuff.

I guess as I grow older I really like this new softer style too. I mean there are still some songs in their old vein, like their new single What I’ve Done,” “Bleed It Out” (one of the best on the cd), “No More Sorrow” (also amazing), and “Given Up” which are great and more traditional but a lot of my fave songs also seem to be the softer ones which showcase the vocals and instrumentals like “In Between,” “Leave out all the Rest,” “Valentine’s Day,” “Shadow of the Day,” “In Pieces.”

I mean if you are expecting another trilogy this summer in the form of this CD you won’t get it (stick with the movies) but if you are looking for a new great record with great lyrics you have found it. I need to switch jobs and start working in the music industry I am writing way to much about this.

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