New Kids on the Block Reunion

New Kids on the Block were the biggest thing in the late ’80s and early 90s and thanks to the influence of my big sister I was smitten by their good looks and catchy tunes. From that time on it was NEW KIDS, NEW KIDS, NEW KIDS, NEW KIDS! Their concert was the first concert that I went to although I don’t remember much since I had fallen asleep being only five or six. After that, we had tried to see all their shows, the Magic Summer Tour, No More Games. You name it we were there.

After one concert, my sister was trying to get to meet the New Kids, and even had my mom drive to this hotel in Secaucus because we heard they were staying there in hopes of getting a glimpse of them in person. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the band, but we met “Uncle Rob” who worked with them on tour.

This reunion is something that I was so excited about. I remember being in 6th grade in’94 when they tried to make a comeback with “Dirty Dawg.” Everyone was making fun of them, but I secretly went out and bought the tape. I was always hoping that they would make a comeback, but unfortunately, the rise of hip hop and grunge pushed out the band’s efforts. I guess now is the perfect time for them to return. Everyone seems really excited. I’m looking forward to the tour!

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