Song of the Day: “Comfort&Joy” by Laura Brizuela

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Today’s song is “Comfort&Joy” by Laura Brizuela. The German-Paraguayan singer-songwriter has created a new Christmas track that is music to our ears.

The pop-trap Xmas banger hits home by highlighting the excesses and 24/7 stress of the Chrimbo madness that year after year leaving us exhausted rather than comforted by what used to be a celebration of peace and joy.

Adapted from an English Christmas carol ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,’ complete with jingle bells and piano in minor keys, Brizuela’s track has a simultaneously traditional and modern vibe.

Switching between vocal runs and triplet flow on the fly, a solemn yet acerbic hymnlike intro flows into cutting criticism of rampant, mindless consumerism punctuated by tight hi-hat rolls and booming 808 kicks: “Hitting the mall every day to spend cash you don’t really have / Buying those gifts for the fam while you’d rather be treating yourself.”
Saying out loud what every year many of us are thinking, Brizuela paints a satiric picture of materialism and greed that not only drives modern society but also pushes us further and further away from the true tradition of Christmas:

“In a world full of pain and tragedy, people can’t get enough of the goods and treats, yet they’re pushing away the true sense of Christmas, the comfort and the joy and the simple things to be thankful for,” Laura sums up her song.

Listen below and for more information check out her official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Get the song now on Amazon.

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