Song of the Day: Today’s song is “I Got Dumped For Christmas” by Imogen Clark

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Today’s song is “I Got Dumped For Christmas” by Imogen Clark. AIR-nominated Western Sydney singer-songwriter Imogen Clark returns today to cap off an epic year with the cathartic, “I Got Dumped for Christmas”, out now! 

“I wanted to write a Christmas rock anthem for all the bitter single girls like me who got dumped this year. It’s a loud cathartic rock banger you can drink lots of eggnog and sing along to a bit too loud. Don’t forget your problems this Christmas, wallow in them – but in a fun way.”

A few weeks ago, Imogen found herself in a Nashville co-writing session with APRA-winning songwriter Phil Barton and the impending holiday season, combined with a tumultuous year in Imogen’s personal life, spilled out together unexpectedly into a thrashy Christmas song. 

Racing against time, Imogen worked with frequent collaborator Michael Carpenter to build the track from the other side of the world and put down vocals in LA with Bastards/The Making of Me producer Mike Bloom. 

“The song just flowed out so easily and felt so right, and the perfect summation of my 2022, I had to get it out for this holiday period, and we just made it by the skin of our teeth!”

Listen below and for more information check out her Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Get the song now on Amazon.

About Imogen Clark: Imogen Clark is an indie singer-songwriter from Western Sydney, whose songs range from the arena-ready to the intensely intimate.

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