Episode 59: SCOOTER PAGE: Bona Fide & Unbridled Pensive Rock

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Today on the podcast we are featuring the Los Angeles-based artist SCOOTER PAGE. Learn more about him and listen and his track “The Morning After.” 

Show Notes and Full Transcript

Today on the podcast we are featuring the Los Angeles-based artist SCOOTER PAGE. Learn more about him and listen and his track “The Morning After.” 

Hey everyone welcome to the Eat Sleep Breathe Music podcast. I am your host Jeanette Kimszal. For those of you just joining us, this is the podcast where I talk about different musicians and how their music affects me and then play I track of theirs for you to listen to.

So you can check it out and form your own opinion as well. And if you are so interested in sharing your thoughts on this track and the artist I’ll have details at the end of the show where you can leave your comments.

Today I’m chatting about the Los-Angeles based artist Scooter Page. 

Scooter Page is the moniker of Scott Caudill. Caudill is an actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter.

He’s been working since 12 years old. He has appeared in various movies, TV shows, and several commercials and music videos.

From a young age, he had an interest in music and had written and recorded an album when he was 18.

Looking at his catalog on streaming he has music dating back to 2014.

According to his IMDB page, he has released 3 albums and eight singles as Scooter Page.  

All three of his albums “Evolution To Better Days” and “4224,” and “DANCAPAGELECTROLAND” released in 2014, 2019, and 2021 were well received with singles featured on Vevo as well as attention on Youtube and streaming. 

So he’s been around for awhile and has a very eclectic sound. It seems as time has gone by he has been honing his chops and making all kinds of different music. 

I had gone back and listened to some of his music from earlier. I was trying to just like listening to a song here and there from like 2014. 

Just what I found based on streaming services. I don’t know why I’m just more into listening to music versus going to Youtube and watching videos. 

Cause I feel like I can do more while…I don’t know I just like to listen and then type things up and that sort of thing.

That’s why I am kind of just streaming some of his earlier music. 

And you know it’s really hard to kind of pinpoint uhm, his genre. So you know he would be considered a multi-genre artist at least in my mind because it was really hard to categorize him

Because his music encompasses so many different genres. He’s got like rock music, he’s got soul music. He’s got that whole album from 2021 which is kind of like a whole EDM with a lot of soul and some hip-hop.

So he’s kind of you know…it kind of shows his ability as an artist to make a lot of different music and make it sound well.

You know, he had uhm a couple of singles that skyrocketed and were doing well on streaming services. And I think that just skimming through his catalog I was kind of impressed with the range of music that he can me.

So you know he’s been honing his craft for a while. He’s been playing music since he was 18 and now he’s…I think he’s in his 40s maybe a little bit older.

It said that he was born in the ’70s so Uhm I didn’t do the whole math or anything. But I did see that he was playing music for a very long time in addition to acting. 

I think he was a dancer. It said one of his first roles was as a dancer in Newsies.  So you know he’s kind of been doing a lot of stuff over his whole life from a very young age. 

It’s interesting because he says his influences are uhm artists that include Prince, Ozzy Ozborne, David Bowie, James Brown, Calvin Harris, and Snoop Dogg.

You know, looking at this list of people it runs the gamut. You’ve got soul, you’ve got R&B, you’ve got some hip-hop like you know glam rock and different things.

And it’s very eclectic so it makes sense his music is eclectic as well. 

And I really enjoyed a lot of the tracks that I listened to and the track that I’m going to be playing later is called “The Morning After” and this is the first single off his upcoming new rock project entitled “Peace Love & Reality” which is due out sometime in 2023.

This song is a little bit different and it seems like the rock project is going to have different types of songs. I haven’t heard anything else…I think there is a track coming out in late fall I’m assuming followed up by some other singles.

So this…you know “The Morning After” is the first single 

and that was…I really liked it even from its inception. The beginning is like opening guitar riffs.

LIke for me, I always say this (laughing) I always go to…I don’t know if there is something about guitar riffs that really…really get to me. 

And really excite me and I think that’s what I found exciting about this song. 

From the beginning you know it kind of…just really, at least for me, it was very enthralling and very excitable.

And just kind of like “oh, I want to hear more of this. Let me hear more of this song.”

So that was kind of where I started out with. And then uhm, as the song went on you know it has a lot of catchy guitar riffs, and these really just 

engaging and satiable baselines to them. And I think that the bass and guitar are really something that can get your attention.

And that is what SCOOTER PAGE has done with this track. 

I would say the song isn’t easily categorized either since he does cross so many different genre boundaries. But it’s a good thing you know because he does it with such ease. And it kind of just flows really well together.

In addition to alternative, punk, and rock sounds I almost get a psychedelic vibe in this song. It’s like you have part punk rock, part alternative, part pop-rock feel, and it all kind of comes together so seamlessly and smoothly. You know?

The chorus hit’s in with these heavy rocking drums that bring to mind 80’s rock to me. That along with the singing screams further makes me think of that genre.

You know? There’s a part where he’s like “raw” in the beginning and at the end, so it really, just kind of makes for a different type of sound and like it brings in all these things together to create something new and different. At least in my mind.

And that’s the thing I like now about music. I feel like when I was growing up in the 90s things were very disjointed. You had one genre over here and another genre over there.

Whereas today artists are kind of combining things together to create you know a new sound. I think artists today are really embracing a lot of just culmination of different musical styles for making something new and different and it’s neat to see how things are meshing and merging together.

And it also creates more thoughtful and layered music. It makes more engaging soundscapes and interesting tones. 

I feel that SCOOTER PAGE has done that with this track “The Morning After.”

Another thing I want to mention is the lyric component of it.  There is a lot of emotion in his lyrics in this song. And reading one of his bios it was talking about he really strives for like kind of vulnerability and authentic storytelling.

You know, he really wants to get that emotion and feeling put into his song.

And it was kind of hard to decipher all of the lyrics. I was trying to listen to the song a couple of times. 

But I don’t know what it is with my brain. I think I’m always focusing on the music where I kind of like need to really focus on the lyrics.

And what I garnered from listening to the lyrics was that this was kind of in relation to sobriety or maybe having a binger and then the morning after.

In my search online I saw that he is in sobriety for a number of years.

So this song has a taste of his own story and creates this wide unbridled feeling of like earnestness and sincerity. 

It’s also something that people may be able to relate to which also puts it on a whole other level to be able to connect with listeners who may be going through the same thing is wonderful. 

When music can speak to you it means just so much more. So that’s a nice component as well. 

And you know if someone is just kind of like a superficial listener you know it is a good, fun, rocking song there is the music component that will appease your musical needs if that’s all you’re looking for (laughing).

So all in all I really appreciated all this song had to offer to the listener.

And As I noted earlier he did have some accolades for his other releases.

In addition to those he’s been getting love from the blogosphere with features in We Write About Music and Jammerzine. I will leave links to these in the show notes if you want to read them.

For anyone into music videos. You can check out the accompanying video on Youtube.

If you want to listen to his other music you can find it on streaming services like Amazon and Spotify.

I don’t want to keep you too long so now without further ado here is “The Morning After” by Scooter Page.

We would love to know what you think about SCOOTER PAGE and his track “The Morning After.” You can tell us in a comment on the podcast webpage. You can also leave an audio comment at the link in the episode summary.

If you’re looking for more information on his official website ScooterPageArtistry.com 

That is S-C-O-O-T-E-R-A-R-T-I-S-T-R-Y dot com.

You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 

On Facebook, he can be found at ScooterPageArtistry. That is S-C-O-O-T-E-R-P-A-G-E-A-R-T-I-S-T-R-Y

You can find him on Instagram at the handle ImScottCaudill.

That is I-M-S-C-O-T-T-C-A-U-D-I-L-L

On Twitter, he can be found at the handle Scooter Underscore Page 

If you are looking for more new music be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you will get the latest updates on our artist features. You can also find more music features on our website at www.EatSleepBreatheMusic.com. That is E-a-t-S-l-e-e-p-B-r-e-a-t-h-e-M-u-s-i-c dot com. 

Thanks for listening and see you in the next episode!

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