Episode 58: Molly O’Malley: Delightful Overcast Pop

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Today on the podcast we are featuring the Cleveland-based artist Molly O’Malley. Learn more about them listen and their track “Golden Hour.” 

Show Notes and Full Transcript

Hey everyone welcome to the Eat Sleep Breathe Music podcast. I am your host Jeanette Kimszal. For those of you just joining us, this is the podcast where I talk about different musicians and how their music affects me and then play I track of theirs for you to listen to.

So you can check it out and form your own opinion as well. And if you are so interested in sharing your thoughts on this track and the artist I’ll have details at the end of the show where you can leave your comments.

Today I’m chatting about the Cleveland-based artist Molly O’Malley.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, there wasn’t too much on their backstory but according to the Bandcamp page, it looks like they’ve been making music since 2015.

She is a prolific multi-instrumentalist with many releases over the last seven years. 

You know this was a new artist to me but again there is so much music out there it’s really hard to know everyone. 

And I always get excited when I can find new artists who are fun and exciting and different. This was an artist that came across my desk and I was excited to listen to the new music.

And what I’ll be playing later is the song “Golden Hour” which is off her latest EP entitled “Nobody Parties (Like Molly).”

This is the latest single off the EP release and is out now. There were two other songs…I don’t know if I’m saying this right it’s Diern. It’s spelled D-I-E-R-N and the other song was “Hopscotch.” 

And I listened to all three of them to get a feel of what the EP is all about and I kind of like how there is kind of a difference between the three of them.

You know,  “Golden Hour” is definitely a little bit different but they all have a theme of lessons in love learned and the loss of one’s self in those around them in an ever-changing world. 

That was kind of like the theme of the EP. The also brings together thoughts, fears, dreams, and experiences in a beautiful catharsis of just emotional outpour.

So it is a very like, you know, emotional and feeling music but it is also fun and has a lot of good guitar rhythms and a lot of different types of music instrumentation.

So I like that there is this culmination of different sounds. YOu know, even though it does stay within a similar genre to what’s been described as indie pop.

Molly takes influences from artists such as Patrick Stump, Elton John, Tove Lo, Labi Siffre not sure if I’m saying that right and MGMT and has self-described it as “specializing somewhere between daydream punk as well as overcast pop and “daydream punk for your long drive home.”

I feel like this is a really good explanation of her music because it’s not specifically punk rock. Because to me, punk rock is the Ramones or pop punk isn’t like fully pop but I think of Blink 182 and all of that.

And it’s kind of a nice mixture. It has that hazy distorted guitar feel to it. And like not effervescent but just kind of like this lala lovely floating musical theme to it. And that is a daydream. A daydream feels to it. You’re just like floating on air and you’re feeling very happy and just really chill.

And that is what her music brings to the listener. And it has this, not-so-party vibe but it has a dancy feel to it. This music, this musician I would fit great into some kind of indie rock festival, like be right at home at Coachella, sea hear now, or lollapalooza.

And another thing that I want to mention is the polarity in the music that makes it interesting and fun to listen to. While it 

It has an upbeat flare to it that is pop but there is this other element that makes it a little overcast. So while there is this floaty and fantasy feel there is also a despondence to it and that makes it a little it a little bit more real. 

And I think that’s where the lyrics come in and the lyrics come in and are not despondent and terrible but they are real and emotional and things that people are going through and I think that is what listeners can be drawn to. 

They will appeal to the trials and tribulations of this artist. 

“Golden Hour” is about imposter syndrome and people-pleasing. It’s about becoming a shell of yourself to keep yourself safe around others. It’s about when you start to show your true self and advocate for yourself, and when your “friends” don’t seem to like it. 

It’s about separating yourself and being who you really are even though the world can make it hard to be your true self 

There is a lyric that shows the lingering effects of negative people where it goes: 

i’m not trying to point any fingers/ i just need you to know/ that the poison you left?/ it lingers

So it has this darker but also lighter element. The lyrics are dark but the music is dark so it’s good for people who don’t straight up love pop music but also this heavier element and heavier substance. 

So I think it’s a nice combination because it does have something for pop listeners and it has something else for people who want more from their music.

I think Molly’s description hits the nail on the head with this song and the rest of the music on the EP.

The other thing I like about this track is the ’90s flair that it has to it. The guitars pair with the drums to create this alternative poppy dream that has a dark cast to it thanks to the vulnerable and poignant lyrics.

The music gives the listener comfort as it is something to relate to and just really vibes with.

Molly’s music has also been getting love from the interwebs with features on BrooklynVegan, Outloud Culture, Clevescene, Under the Radar Mag, This is Cleveland, New Music Weekly, Leo Weekly, Square One Magazine, Indie Midlands, Atwood Magazine, The Alternative, and Oh Es Tee

I can leave links to these in the show notes if you want to check them out.

If you’re a music video person you can also see the thoughtful video that accopanies this track on Youtube. I’ll leave a link to it in the show notes.

You can find her music on Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other streaming services.

And i’ll leave links to these in the show notes. 

I would also highly recommend checking out some of her other music. I listened to the rest of hte EP and earlier stuff and liked what I heard. I want to go back and dive into her other music. 

But yeah but with that being said now I will play “Golden Hour” by Molly 

We would love to know what you think about Molly O’Malley and their track “Golden Hour.” You can tell us in a comment on the podcast webpage. You can also leave an audio comment at the link in the episode summary.

If you’re looking for more information on Molly O’Malley you like and follow them on Facebook at the handle MollyOMalleyMusic.

That is M-O-L-L-Y-O-M-A-L-L-E-Y-M-U-S-I-C

She is also on Instagram, and Twitter at the handle MollyOMalleyX

that is That is M-O-L-L-Y-O-M-A-L-L-E-Y, and the letter X

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Thanks for listening and see you in the next episode!

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