Song of the Day: “Breath of Fresh Air” by Broadtree

Armand Antony & Nicole McCafferty From Broadtree music standing on a rooftop overlooking the city

Today’s song is “Breath of Fresh Air” by Broadtree. The Toronto, Canadian group is composed of theatre performers Armand Antony & Nicole McCafferty.

The duo came together when COVID closed down their stage production was closed. They found comfort in creating music over the pandemic. Their inspiration comes from a range of experiences including living with mental illness, personal relationships, and stories from the stage. Their music combines musical theatre storytelling with a boisterous country-pop.

McCafferty and Antony have taken up several causes as their platform develops, speaking out about racial equality, First Nations rights in Canada, support for the LGBTQ+ community, and keeping an open line of contact for anyone looking to learn or talk about mental health and illness.

The song is an ode to COVID but not in a sad way. Instead, it is meant to be an explosion of joy and new beginnings after being worried you may never be free from the pain COVID inflicted. McCafferty said, “…we really wanted the focus to be on the escape and reclaiming a part of yourself you were afraid of losing forever.”

Dubbing themselves “your favourite magical, quirky, fun, and adorable country music duo” Broadtree has a sound that is educational yet entertaining. They focus on important issues like mental health while delivering a super sweet jubilee sound with twangy pop melodies. This track is an upbeat number that gives hope and excitement in its lyrics for the future that lies ahead.

Listen below and for more information check out their Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram pages.

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