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The Asbury Park, NJ artist Jared Milian released the video for his track “Leaving You Behind” earlier this summer. Pulling from various influences but centered on queer-focused pop Milian has created a fresh and inspiring sound with his music partner producer Doug Gallo.

Music has always been a constant in Jared’s life. He comes from a family of musicians and performers and started singing at a very young age. He credits music to be a powerful and spiritual experience.

The song is off his upcoming debut album Only For Tonight. It showcases the emotions that Milian has gone through as a queer person over the last year. It features songs about love, one-night stands, open relationships, his boyfriend, his mental health, and the LGBTQIA community. He hopes these songs will be something a lot of people can find solace with.

Milian also credits Asbury Park and in particular club Paradise for being a mecca of inspiration and home.

“Paradise is part of the history of LGBTQ people in NJ, and I want this music to play through the speakers of that incredible space someday. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to make this music if I didn’t experience the magic of the LGBTQ community at Paradise. It is the backdrop for so much of my queer journey. Some of the best Milian Mafia moments have been overlooking tea dance from the balcony to the sounds of the owner Shep Pettibone, Rico Alexis or Hex Hector DJ’ing. It is truly is a space that needs to be protected at all costs.”

Milian’s goal is to amplify queer representation in music. This is something he has accomplished with his sound and music video. This track is something that will appeal to any fan of pop music. The music has endearing melodies paired with an empowering message to leave behind anything that is holding you back. Millian says,

Leaving You Behind’ is about making a conscious decision to move forward from things that are holding you back. Although the song is set in the setting of a relationship, it can be anything. Gender norms even toxic expectations from society; anything bringing you down. I find that when we “sit in sadness” sometimes our mind will always present us with reasons to be sad.

I was very inspired by an Alicia Keys lyric “so tonight I’m gonna find a way to make it without you” from her single ‘Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” I felt like ‘Leaving You Behind’ was born of that same thought process. Tonight, I’m telling you goodbye…you (the negativity) will no longer have any space in my head or heart. Doug and I wrote it a few days before Christmas and we both knew it was “the one”

Watch below and for more information on Jared check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. You can find more about Doug Gallo on his official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Get the track now on Amazon and Spotify

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