Song of the Day: “Bloom” by D.E.L

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Today’s song is “Bloom” by D.E.L. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Timm de la Hoyde is the writer multi-media artist and music writer/producer behind D.E.L. The group is also made up of Timm’s brothers Nick and Joseph de la Hoyde.

This is the latest single from the family trio. Pulling elements of electronica, pop, and alternative dance they have created a what has been called a “kaleidoscopic” sound. It offers a melding of emotions. Everything from angst, to uncertainty, and nail-biting electronic soundscapes that bend between reality and imagination.

Initially inspired by Japanese anime and the juxtaposition of cultural ideas, art, and music, D.E.L’s music is a free and formless artistic expression, bent on provoking listeners to consider their taut emotional states.

Drawing influence from sub-culture music and art as a whole, D.E.L’s sound is futuristic and heartfelt. “Bloom” is a high-energy, melodic, and fun track. It is a thoughtful song. D.E.L. hopes to create a duality of both dark and light for a somewhat sadness overcome by upbeat melodies. When describing the track they said,

“bloom blends a picture of both melancholy through its vocals and a feeling of hope through its pulsing, genre-bending instrumentation. Bloom aims to be both a nostalgic and thought-provoking pop tune.

With its artful, ambient, and intriguing vocals, the track has something that will make you stop and listen.

Aside from writing and releasing their own music, D.E.L is also actively writing and producing for other projects and has worked with artists from Sony Music, Sony ATV, Universal Music, Warner Music, and City pop.

Listen below and for more information check out their Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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