Song of the Day: “Before I Drown” by The FBR

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Today’s song is “Before I Drown” by The FBR. The FBR aka The Famous Blue Raincoat are a duo hailing from Nashville, Tennessee whose name was inspired by the 1970’s Leonard Cohen song.

The FBR melds poetically thoughtful lyrics with captivating vocals and ear-catching Americana and rock rhythms to create a powerfully poignant sound.

Their music delves into topics ranging from love and addiction to spirituality and sin. With powerful vocals the music makes you feel the heartache deep within your soul. This particular track was written in honor of Alcohol Awareness Month and chronicles the struggle of someone suffering from addiction. The band says,

“The story of the song is based on the inner torment and narrative of someone suffering from alcoholism. It is a cry for help, it’s an answer to why they drink. As a young child, they suffered at the hands of adults making horrible decisions. They had to barricade themselves in a bathroom to stop grown men from coming in assaulting them, while their mom was passed out from heavy drugs on the couch. They survived, and drink heavily to cope. Sadly it broke down the relationship, and this is almost that dark before the dawn point .We hope this song is a discussion starter. I hope it helps people know it is OKAY to seek help, not just for addiction, but for mental health concerns.” 

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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