Episode 12: J.L.G: A Breezy Soothing Synth Sound

Photo of black headphones with the words "Eat Sleep Breathe Music Podcast Episode 12: Episode 12: J.L.G: A Breezy Soothing Synth Sound

Episode 12: J.L.G: A Breezy Soothing Synth Sound

Today on the podcast we are featuring Miami singer/songwriter  J. L. G.  His music offers a breezy soothing synth sound. Learn more about him and listen to his track “Lion Lady” 

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Just popping in to give you a heads up. This podcast contains paid promotional content. That means we were compensated for the feature. All opinions are our own and we only chose to promote music that we truly dig. Now on with the show

Hey everyone welcome to the Eat Sleep Breathe Music podcast. My name is Jeanette Kimszal, I’m your host. I also run the blog Eat Sleep Breathe Music. 

Today I am talking about the Miami, Florida based singer songwriter Jordan Luigi Guadalupe better known as  J. L. G.

He came out onto the scene in 2019 with the release of his debut EP “Vendetta.” 

The following year (2020) he released two more tracks called “Woolies” and “Cross Country (Blackthorn).”

These releases showcased his intriguing unique sound as well as garnered attention from the blogosphere. He has received accolades from websites like YourEDM.com and Vinyl Chapters saying the music has “quality and vision” and has “a mesmerizing listen”

I came across J.L.G. when I was introduced to his song “Lady Lion.” This is the most recent track that I have heard and I definitely agree with the sentiments of EDM and Vinyl Chapters websites.

I do find that this track is very refreshing and it’s very different, you know? I am a fan of dance music. I”m not so into EDM but I do like dance music. So this track kind of resonated with me and the thing was cool about it is that it was basically its kind of like a love song for his hometown of Miami. And he, you know, wrote this kind of as a way to give people an experience of what Miami is. 

I’ve never been to Miami myself but you know listening to the track its gots this very nice breezy, you know kind of incorporation of different music. It’s got a lot of um drums and dance and different kind of layered musical elements to it which is really cool. If you think about Miami you think about music and it is a very beautiful song.

When J.L.G. talks about the song and his inspiration for the song he talks a lot about how he really wanted to make something that his city could be proud of him and just kind of paint Miami in a beautiful light. And you know bring some kind of artist element and just show his passion for where he lives and how much he loves it. He really wanted to create something out of nothing. And he’s very emotional when he talks about this. It’s really endearing and I think that really kind of definately shows through on this song. 

You know he was saying how there is a certain perception of south Florida and he feels its really misunderstood and he wants to have a breathe of fresh air when someone kind of thinks about Miami. I think he really definately done that with this track. You know? It’s a very beautiful song and it’s got such an ease to it. Where you listen to it  and you feel very relaxed.

It’s a beautiful picture that he paints and he definately hit the mark with what he was tryig to go for.

When it comes to musical styles J.L.G. is very versatile with his music. He has a blend of very different types of music. Which is really great because it kind of makes a very unique sound. He takes synth, he adds pop melodies, he does indie rock, he’s got dance elements. 

So it’s like this big amalgaman of all these different musical styles and it makes something very unique, very different but also kind of also with that stronghold in the genre of dance music.

One of the things that I think also attracted me to this song was the influence of 80’s dance. I’m such a sucker for like 80’s music. I was born in the 80’s and I listen to all the music growing up and I just, I just don’t know. There is something about 80’s dance music that I love.

There’s also that element of the 80’s style saxaphone music in the background which is always fun. 

Another thing that I really like about this song is that there is so many layers to the music. There are so many different things going on. It’s got a lot of lush and very plentiful soundscapes which makes for a really kind of enjoyable listening experience. You know you kind of hear different things when you listen to the song a couple times over and over again. Which I really enjoyed and I find that you know, it’s a very comforting and and very just relaxing track. So if you’re interested in looking for something that gonna’s be very mellow and kind of flowy and breezy this is definately something to listen to.

But I will let you listen for yourself and you can let me know what you think as well. Would love to know what your thoughts are on the track.  

Play the track here

I’d love to know what you think about “Lion Lady” Tell us in an audio comment or leave a regular comment on our website page. 

If you want to learn more about J.L.G. you can check out his official website at www.emajormusic.co or you can follow him on Instagram at j.l.g.music.

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