Song of the Day: “At The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix) ” by ISQ

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Today’s song is “At The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix) ” by ISQ. The London- based quartet consists of Irene Serra (vocals), Richard Sadler (double bass), Naadia Sheriff (piano), and Chris Nickolls (drums). Irene Serra was born in Milan, grew up in Denmark before moving to London to study music. 

The musician Emmanuelle has put a new spin on the Alt-jazz band’s track “At The Seams.” The song is off their upcoming album, Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes, due out on the 21st of May via CP Records.

Born in Rio, raised in Miami and currently based in Milan, Emmanuelle is an enigmatic musician who has shied away from exposing too much of herself to mainstream social media. Emmanuelle has claimed over 14 million plays across streaming platforms, was considered one of the highlights at Eurosonic 2020, and was selected for Primavera Pro 2020.

Together, ISQ has gone on to release three widely celebrated albums since the start of the project, with this LP marking their 4th full-length album. While normally known for their alt-jazz style, Emmanuelle takes their sound and highlights it with modern elements, calling to mind the likes of St. Germain, Louie Vega, and Moodyman.

Emmanuelle shares her thoughts on the remix:

“I think what drew me to “At The Seams” was the fact that it had a loose structure, it felt very free and had a catchy hook I wanted to play with. I wanted to keep the romantic feel of the original track so it didn’t need much…especially with those chords. I wanted them to stand out so I tried to simplify the bassline, I synthesized it so it was more moody. And l chopped some of the vocals to bring out a funkier element.”

The remix gives this song an infectious charm. The sweet and smooth electronic accentuate the salacious vocals making you feel like you’ve drifted off into a dark club where everyone is dancing the night away.

Listen below and form more information check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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