Rocking Under the Radar: Yung Quant

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Who Are They?

Yung Quant is the alter ego of SwitchUpCB an artist from the lower middle class who has created an entirely new genre of music: financial rap.

He was inspired by the 2008 recession and its effects on his family. He says,

“The financial crimes of ‘08 have affected my family in ways we haven’t been able to fully recover from. As a result, I see my hard-working parents and peers struggle to achieve the things America promises: a good future. Instead, we are ridden with debt and taxes that big entities don’t pay. It’s as if the laws were for me, not them.”

Now he is spitting rhymes about the evils of the stock game and how we need to learn about the manipulation that many are under-informed about.

When Did They Start?


Why Should You Care? Yung Quant has a brilliant way of creating elegant moving beats along with preaching some important topics. He is using his platform to educate the public on why we may fall into a rut of lack of progress and policies that seem to defy common sense.

Yung Quant has created numerous technologies on his social media including NFC cards embedded in posters and fully-fledged self-created animations on his YouTube channel.

The other really cool thing about this artist is that he has given his fans the ability to invest in his music by purchasing royalties.

How Do They Sound?

“Laws for Me”

“To The Moon”

For more information on Yung Quant check out his official website, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Wooden table with colored cassette tapes and the words "Rocking Under the Radar" | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Wooden table with colored cassette tapes and the words "Rocking Under the Radar" | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

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