Episode 008: GEA: Hauntingly Beautiful Electro-Infused Dream Pop

Photo of black headphones with the words "Eat Sleep Breathe Music Podcast Episode 008: GEA: Hauntingly Beautiful Electro-Infused Dream Pop

Episode 008: GEA: hauntingly beautiful electro-infused dream pop.

Today on the podcast we’re featuring the Helsinki-based artist GEA. She uses electro-infused dream pop to create a hauntingly beautiful sound that touches and mesmerizes the listener. Learn more about GEA and listen to her song “Truth Between the Lies.”

Show Notes and Full Show Transcript

Just popping in to give you guys a heads up.  This podcast contains paid promotional content. That means we were compensated for the feature. All opinions are our own and we only choose to represent music that we truly dig. Now on with the show.

Hey everyone welcome to the podcast. Today I’m talking about the Helsinki artist GEA. 

GEA is an ethereal storyteller. You can definately hear this in the track that she featured called “Truth Beween the Lies.”  Which came out in February 2021 via Fragity Records.

She’s been doing music since a young age and composing songs from an eary time. A lot of her music is taken from experiences she’s had in her life.

She had a lot of people in her way as she was becoming a musician. Where throughout her schooling she was kind of chosen to be a soloist but was also suffering from stage fright. 

She had a lot of negative peer pressure preventing her from performing. She also had lost confidence and gave up on her creative potential for a while. She actually left music to build a business career. Then she seems have a lot of motivation. Where she was climbing to the top of all the business companies she worked for. 

Then she realized she still have these creative dreams and wanted to pursue music again. So it was interesting how she did this other career for a while in her life. But she was also always working on music. Then she decided she wanted stop with the music because she didn’t have the confidence to go forward it. It’s terrible that this happens to people. It could be in any instance. I  think that its interesting and cool that she was able to get back into music and use it as a way to deal with things she was seeing around her. 

There was one story that she basically had written a song as an adult for her spouse to impress them and it backfired. The relationship was abusive and he hated the song. He used it as a way to humilate her. 

But it didn’t stop her. I think she realized that music was a great outlet to keep going. It also made her stronger.  Music definately,  make you feel more passion and more strongly. It’s also a really great outlet to get your emotions out. 

There’s so many things that you can feel from the writer who is putting the music out. You can definatey hear that in this song. So she basically decided to continue to  publish music she’s been having a lot of international media success. She’s been compared to artists like Björk, Kate Bush and Sigur Rós.

A lot of fans also feel that they can relate to her experiences  and use her music as healing. So it’s really kind of great that’s got back into music and she has this calling in life. She’s not only helping herself but through healing but she’s also helping fans. 

Using music to work through emotions and kind of have a spiritual awakening seems to be a theme with GEA. As her next album coming out is actually going to be called the “Call for a Snake.” It’s going to be bissected into 4 parts which division will be dedicated to a phase in the spiritual awakening. You can see that this whole concept of working through emotions through music and using music as an emotional healing device can be seen in her music.

And speaking of music I just wanted to touch a little bit on the music itself in this track. It’s got a very haunting melody and I think that’s why also what gives it  that dark ominous vibe. That is really enchanting to the listener.  

The instrumentation was done by Grammy and Juno award winning producer Chris Birkett. He was responsible for collaborating all of the electronic music. There was drums, synth bass, string bass, keyboards, electronic guitar, and the synth effects you hear in the song.

So he really showcased his talent on this track as well. It was a really great collaboration between the haunting music and the ethereal and vocals and lyrics from GEA.

Music is always so much more powerful when there is a story to tell.

“Truth Between the Lies” is a song about the bad things we do when we think no one is watching. It’s about the lifestyle where people close their eyes about immoral things, and think they’ll get away with them.  It’s about the dangerous sense of comfort and false sense of safety we get from money, career and consumption. It’s about our planet not being able to carry the weight of our choices any more. It’s about everyone’s soul mission wanting to be manifested instead of focusing on doing what brings the easiest income. It’s about the truth running eternally through our veins no matter how much we would benefit from the lie.

This is what GEA described the song as. She was saying it was really interesting that she had written it even before all of the things that were happening in the world. It’s even more important now. The song has a really meaningful impact.

The impact of GEA’s music has also been hitting a lot of the blogosphere. She’s been getting rave reviews various publication outlets. It’s definately something to check out if you’re into eletronic EDM kind of gothic, gloomy, synth pop type of vibe music.

There’s also an animated video that goes along with the song. It brings the song to life even further. If you’re someone who lives music videos I would definitely check that out. See it here on Youtube.

That was what I watched first and I felt like it was really, really just amazing. I was really taken back by the song. I think that was what was the driving force for me to feel such power. The song conveyed so much energy. You can hear in the lyrics and the music.  It really just conveys the whole storyline and theme to the song.

Now I’m gonna play the track so you can take a listen for yourself.

Play the song “Truth Between the Lies”

Hope you guys enjoyed this song as much as I did. If you want to share your thoughts. Please feel free to leave send us an audio message with your comments.

If you’re interested in learning more about GEA you can check out her official website at https://www.geaofficial.com,  and follow her on Facebook at @geamusicofficial. Twitter at the handle official_gea, and on Instagram as geamusicofficial.

Thanks for listening. See you in the next episode.

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