Is Bamboozle Coming Back to Asbury Park in 2023?

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Facebook scrolling can be good sometimes when you get news about potential music events. This morning I read about the potential of the Bamboozle music festival potentially coming back to Asbury in 2023.

Bamboozle is a name I haven’t heard in a while. The last concert they had was back in 2012. It was pre-Sea Hear Now and brought a massive influx of people down to the boardwalk.

Anyone into the emo and rock scene will be familiar with the name Bamboozle. It started back in 2003 at the Stone Pony then as it got bigger it moved to the parking of Giants Stadium Meadowlands in 2006. That was the same year it became a big deal. Bamboozle took to the road giving kids all over the country a taste of the festival. There as even a West Coast Version held in California.

Bamboozle became a music lover’s buffet of genres. The festival featured everything from rock, emo, hip-hop and also had comedians and games to make for a great festival expeirence.

Bamboozle was known for having popular acts like Bon Jovi, The Foo Fighters, and No Doubt. It was also the starting ground for a lot of up-and-coming acts.

March 17th Bamboozle posted a teaser on a new Bamboozle website, The page had an old-school MySpace layout with the about me saying,

“A lost but never forgotten celebration of emo and pop that was last scene on the beaches of Asbury Park,” reads the “About Me” caption. “Welcome to the awakening of the Bamboozle 2023, a 20-year anniversary of the revolutionary festival.”

This cyrptic message can be better explained by a social media post from the founder of the festival, John D’Esposito.

“Eighteen years ago, we created an event on MySpace — for its 20th anniversary we are inviting back some old friends, introducing everyone to new friends and will no doubt, redefine a scene and once again rise to the top of the festival world,” posted D’Esposito on Wednesday, March 17. D’Esposito was unavailable for comment on Wednesday. The fest debuted in May 2003 at the Stone Pony as primarily a jam band outing. It kicked into high gear when it moved to the parking lot of the Meadowlands in 2006 and became a national brand with a cross-county tour and West Coast version of the fest. The Bamboozle featured A-list rock, emo and hip-hop performers, with games, comedians and other diversions.”

The thought of a new concert even if it’s two years away is something to be hopeful for. The best thing about this is that it’s practically in our backyard. Here’s to hoping we can see some music soon.

Would love to know your thoughts on the festival coming back. Leave a comment below

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