Song of the Day: “Ghost Town” by Delyn Grey

Girl on a Bridge with a pink hat Song of the day "Ghost Town" by Delyn Grey |
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Today’s song is “Ghost Town” by Delyn Grey. The Toronto-based artist returns with a somber and timely message.

In this new track, Grey offers an engaging enchantment that will have you hanging on to her every word. “Ghost Town” has a melody that evokes power and emotion. Paired with her sobering honesty. Her lyrical themes can resonate with what many people are feeling right now.

The song talks about these desperate times. Many people, towns, cities and countries have been harshly impacted by the unknown and will continue to until the storm settles. Her message is to continue to keep supporting each other. We should also take this as an opportunity to learn, to heal, and to seek answers. Be kind to your neighbors. Be sensible and prudent. Be hopeful. About the track, she says,

“I wrote this song two days into quarantine. Feelings of helplessness, shock, and disbelief became suffocating. Funnily enough, this is probably the only “uplifting” and “unifying” song I’ve written. The world is in turmoil. That can’t and should NOT be ignored. We have to do our part in taking this seriously. Use your voices. Not to delegate or to sway opinions, but to optimize this opportunity to share, connect, support and heal. Don’t hide behind your screens and wait for someone else to make the difference, find the answers, and feel the feelings.”

Listen below and for more information check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages

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