Song of the Day: “Reboot Reborn” by My New Mixtape

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Today’s song is “Reboot Reborn” by My New Mixtape. Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia My New Mixtape is the moniker of songwriter Jarrett Nicolay.

Jarrett dabbles in a lot of musical projects. He is one of the founding members and plays bass guitar for Virginia Coalition. He also performs with Astra Via. My New Mixtape is a solo project and gives a taste of something different.

Nicolay evokes a likable pop-sensibility that is reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne meets Weezer. His dancing cherubic rhythms create a sweet and light sound that makes you feel right at home.

Nicolay has self-produced and released three full-length albums. His music has also been featured in indie films including the Sundance favorite I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore.

Listen below and for more information on My New Mixtape check out his official website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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