Episode 003 Prospertine: A Bi-Coastal Duo with a Hypnotic Dark Industrial Dance-Pop

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Episode 003 Prospertine: a bi-coastal duo with a hypnotic, dark, and industrial dance-pop. Learn more about the group and listen to their debut single “Home.”

Today on the podcast we will be featuring the group Prospertine. This bi-coastal duo had a dark and industrial dance-pop you’re sure to love. Learn more about the group and listen to their debut single “Home.”

Show Notes and Full Show Transcript

Just popping in to give you guys a heads up.  This podcast contains paid promotional content. That means we were compensated for the feature. All opinions are our own and we only choose to represent music that we truly dig. Now on with the show.

Hey everyone, welcome to the podcast. Today we are talking about Prospertine. This bi-coastal duo is made up of Arden Leigh and Jeremy Bastard. Though first-time collaborators, the two have been friends for over a decade. As fixtures in the NYC club scene, their paths would often cross. 

Jeremy was the DJ at many of the parties where Arden was hired as a go-go dancer.  Since that time the two have been busy making music of their own.

Jeremy’s projects include Autodrone, Unto Ashes, and his solo releases with Somewherecold Records. 

Arden’s solo project is the indie pop-rock band Arden & the Wolves. She is also somewhat of a guru when it comes to spiritual growth. You can learn more about what she does at The Re-Patterning Project (www.therepatterningproject.com).

So you may be wondering what prompted this collaboration. It was a fun way to celebrate their shared birthday of January 27th.
So what can you expect from Prospertine? Their aim is to combine driving darkwave dance beats with thematic songs about the exploration of consciousness.

I’d say that they definitely delivered on this. When I first heard this song I literally got chills. I, I loved the whole piano keys jarring in the beginning and then kind of getting more into the industrial music and the dance music. Kind of tapping in and then you know you hear Arden’s vocals. It reminded me of industrial dance-pop.

My husband’s really into this genre of music and he likes bands like The Birthday Massacre and you know Ministry and I found that there was kind of a similar vibe with this band. And I really, I really enjoyed the track and I felt like, like it just kind of spoke to me and there was a really great theme as well. Like what Arden had said as she was deciding and she wanted to kind of take consciousness and the themes of enlightenment and talk about the dark side and how there you know there’s a lot of darkness that comes through and there is a lot of darkness that happens to people when they are going through spiritual enlightenment.

Often this darkness side of enlightenment and exhausting feeling is not really talked about a lot about by people when they are going through spiritual enlightenment and she wanted to bring to light this piece of art and you know it can be horrifying. It can be more like a soundtrack to a horror movie than a campfire-sing-along. This was her intention when she wrote the lyrics. 

I think it pairs really well with the music that was written by Jeremy and it just flows so good and the whole entire song is just kind of like very, hypnotic and you know it’s a dance song but its also a very spiritual and kind of thoughtful song. I love the way everything comes together. The collaboration was really cool. There’s a lot of other outlets that are also digging the song. If you are interested in reading some other reviews.

Tattoo.com had called it a “… haunting, mesmerizing tune.” https://www.tattoo.com/blog/prospertine-releases-mesmerizing-home/
“Home” was also featured on two electronic dance blogs. Globaldanceelectronic.com and YourEDM.com (youredm.com/2021/02/04/new-artist-spotlight-prospertine-brightens-up-darkwave-with-home/). Your EDM actually had featured the band as a spotlight artist and said they had a quality sound.

If you are into dance music or even if you’re interested in finding something new or looking for a new track. I would say Prospertine is definitely a cool act to look into and I’m interested in seeing what else they come out with. 
Now I’m gonna play the full track so you can listen for yourself.

Track plays

I’d love to know what you thought about the track “Home.” Feel free to leave a comment or message and let us know your thoughts.
If you’re interested in learning more about Prospertine you can check them out on Twitter and Instagram where their handles are Twitter.com/prospertineX and Instagram.com/prospertinemusic.

Thanks so much for listening and I hope to see you in the next episode

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