Song of the Day: “Sojourner’s Truth” by SleapingDreaming

Today’s song is “Sojourner’s Truth” by SleapingDreaming.

Inspired by acts like Slowdive, Sleep, Mogwai, Neurosis, Godspeed You, Black Emperor, The Cure, Hum the Brooklyn-based trio creates an amazing track that will make quite the impression even without lyrics.

The song contains riveting layers of music that give a face-melting yet dreamily detached feeling. It features heavy riffs and menacing drum beats for a most awesome soundscape incorporating elements of rock and shoegaze.

The whole song is a great build up for the last minute choral chanting paint a vivid picture of what it means to fight for survival.

The song was is inspired by Sojourner Truth, a black slave that won her freedom and then became a powerful force in the abolitionist movement pre-civil war. She was born and raised in an area upstate NY where one of our band members comes from and so it sparked a personal interest,” states the band.

With a definitive sound like this, it is no wonder the band has been getting praise from the blogosphere saying they have an underflowing vitality and zeal…” (Echoes and Dust) and have “a true musician’s touch that makes it more enjoyable than the average ‘shoegaze” band” (Pancakes and Whiskey).

The track is off their upcoming album, M. Inclemens  due out this Spring.

Listen below and for more information check out their Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram pages.

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