Gwen Stefani Gets Nostalgic with “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” Video

Who’s excited for some new Gwen Stefani music!?

Following last month’s premiere of the single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” this month we are treated with the official music video for the single. Anyone who is a fan of Stefani and No Doubt will be giddy with nostalgia watching this video.

It features a cascade of Stefani’s iconic looks from music videos over the years. She shows she is

The song is also an intro- or reintroduction of Gwen. Her lyrics show she this is no comeback and she’s got a new energy that you have grown to love

“The simple recipe to get the best of me Homegrown ingredients/ that’s what made you mess with me In the first place (Place)/ ’cause you know I’m like organic And it tastes great (Great)/I already gave you bananas (Woo) /Go ahead and help yourself, me again in your ear Binge on my music for days ’cause I’ve been here for years /Not a comeback (Oh), /I’m rеcycling me It’s not a comeback (Oh), you feel that new еnergy”

The song also brings her back to her musical roots of No Doubt with a ska vibe. This track is the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album. The first non-Christmas or country single in four years.

It’s a great treat on the heels of No Doubt’s 25th anniversary of the album Tragic Kingom last october.

I did wish she added some looks from the “Sunday Morning, “Cool” and “Brand New” videos. If you want to see the looks that inspired this video. Check out the music videos below

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