Song of the Day: “Signs from You” by Red Skies Mourning

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Today’s song is “Signs from You” by Red Skies Mourning. The La Plata, Maryland outfit is the solo project of Chris Aleshire.

This is the debut single from the solo artist. The track takes classic rock elements and mashes them with some modern contemporary rock riffs. Aleshire takes the best of olds sound with new riffs for an inviting track.

The song was inspired by events that happened to a coworker.“I work as an Engineer for a Major Cloud Software Company. One of my customer’s daughters went missing. They searched for her for 4 days until they found her body; she committed suicide. When I spoke to him about it, he made a blog about seeing signs from her from the day she went missing and continues to see them that she’s okay.

“Putting myself in his shoes and also having had close friends commit suicide, people tend to push things off, be more self-absorbed, not seeing or noticing friends in need. So the lyrics directly describe continually both the What Could I Have Done? and also knowing they are in a better place but yet the guilt will stay with you always. I am a US Marine Corps Veteran, so this is for suicide awareness and PTSD.”

Aleshire blends classic rock with a gritty postmodern contemporary edge that makes for a smooth listening experience. The track unpacks a compelling story about an unsuccessful rescue search, that continually asks the question “what if?” The heart-wrenching lyrics of the song set a grim tone but there is also a feeling of hope in its message to take the initiative to reach out to those we care for and love.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page.

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