Song of the Day: “Dance With You” by Shelle

Today’s song is “Dance With You” by Shelle. This is the first single from the Australian musician.

This song has a 70’s dance vibe that combines piano and electronic pop melodies. It has a pumping melody that makes you want to move and groove.

She draws upon a number of influences to create her own unique brand of dance music.
On creating the new track, Shelle says, “The song was written in the style of Kylie Minogue meets dance, in the hope of one day selling it to her to sing.”

The track was recorded in Perth, Western Australia, produced by Michelle Poon and Colin Mills. It is available now.

Fans of Katy Perry, Robyn, Kyle Minogue, and Lady Gaga will love this club dance number.

Listen below and for more information check out her official website and Facebook page.

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