Song of the Day: “Dominance” by Hope Vista

Today’s song is “Dominance” by Hope Vista. Bringing forth a splash of a sass and playing a Fender Strat, Vista (also known as HV) is steadily taking the music industry by storm on an uphill trajectory. As a vocalist, rhythm guitarist, songwriter, philanthropist, aspiring style icon, entertainment blogger, and the original face for the non-profit organization SUPERBANDS, Vista continues to expand and solidify her resume daily. 

This song is off her new Prevail EP out now on iTunes. Earlier this month the video premiered the video on AXS. The song talks about the ups and downs of physical attraction. Hope describes the song to be about, “the intensity of being physically attracted to someone, and how sometimes that can be both overwhelming and empowering. You can feel your heart racing, your body sometimes shake and your stomach does flips. But at the same time that makes you feel confident, strong, and ready to move forward with those feelings. ‘Dominance’ highlights both sides of attraction.”

The NJ native knows how to get listeners interested. She evokes a hard rock 90’s edge with soft femininity that makes for an intriguing sound. 

Watch below and for more information on Hope Vista check out her Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Creating a blend between 90’s pop classics, hard rock, and today’s pop-punk, Hope Vista brings an Alt Rock flare, with (in her own words) a splash of popgrungehurricane to her music. The musician began singing at a very young age and thanks her dad for giving her the tools to build a career in music. When her father passed away in January of this year, Hope felt a need to carry on with her music in his memory. Over the summer she entered the studio with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount to record, PREVAIL, a brand new EP that is due out next week, November 13th.

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