Sleeper Agent Show Preview- Irving Plaza 3/24

Sleeper Agent will be performing this evening at Irving Plaza. They are touring in support of their debut album Celebrasion which was released this past year. The Kentucky southern rockers will be opening for Ben Kweller.

ESBMusic got a chance to catch up with lead vocalist Tony Smith before the show:

ESBMusic: How has your current tour with FUN been?
TS: Touring with Fun is great. They put on a helluva show every night . It’s a spectacle. Though, very different from what we do. They’re great people and very deserving of their recent success.

ESBMusic: You’re playing in NYC on 3/24 with Ben Kweller, what can we expect from the show?
TS: NYC has always been a bit rough for us. The crowds we’ve played for before didn’t seem prone to having a good time. The BK show was great though. The crowd seemed revved up and we definitely fed off their energy. In other words, everyone got off.

ESBMusic: Have you been in NYC before? What’s your favorite thing to do while in town?
TS: Our label is based there. So, we’re frequent visitors. We really enjoy finding new and interesting bars and restaurants. We eat a lot of fast food rubbish on the road… But, not in NYC.

ESBMusic: Your recent video “Get Burned” features a tea party ruined by rabbits, how did you guys come up with the concept?
TS: Matt (from Cage the Elephant) and I had several email and phone conversations about how we wanted the video to come off. We ended up deciding to focus on what would the visually interesting. That happened to be rabbits, symmetry and fire.

ESBMusic: Your song “Get Burned” was featured on the CW show “Secret Circle” have you noticed an increased fan base after that?
TS: Not really. That was a long time ago when both the show and us were still in our infancy.

ESBMusic: What music are you guys listening to?
TS: EMA, Cloud Nothings, Ben Kweller’s new album, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s new record. Today we listened to the WZRD album and the new Dr. Dog.

ESBMusic: Any last words?
TS: Dance like nobody’s watching?

If you’re planning to attend this show be sure to get there early for your chance to see the band because they are a rocking good time.

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