Taylor McFerrin at CMJ

If you think Justin Timberlake is a good beat-boxer, wait ’til you hear Taylor McFerrin (yes, son of Bobby McFerrin). I was finally able to see him perform live on Tuesday night at a CMJ showcase at Le Poisson Rouge. Fantastic, pretty much sums it up. His solo performance, although super short in length, brought together funky, fresh, and fun and made the 20 minutes so much more worthwhile. He then made appearance during Jose James’ performance. These two make a truly powerful duet of neo-funk-hip-hop. I am most fascinated by Taylor’s beat-making skills, and his ability to create music out of simple rhythms and melodies along with the keyboards. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that makes the greatest impacts.

Taylor’s first full-length album, Early Riser, came out earlier this year in February on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. For more information on Taylor McFerrin check out his official website. Get his music now on iTunes.

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