Artist of the Month: Ida Maria

Ida Maria has been turning heads stateside with her humorously, audacious rock since the Norwegian songstress released her debut album Fortress Round My Heart in 2008. It was her debut single “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” that made waves in the US. The song made waves reaching the Top 40 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart and was featured on NBC’s Friday Night Lights.

Following her first song, she made headlines again with the video for her second single, “Oh My God.” The video shot in New York and in Miami Beach, featured punk icon Iggy Pop. The song was also featured in Gossip Girl TV promos and on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

Ida Maria intensively toured America in support of Fortress’s release, starting at the SXSW Conference in March, then California’s Coachella Festival in April. Another two months of shows climaxed with two weeks of dates with Scottish alt-rock darlings Glasvegas, leading up to Ida Maria’s heroic performance in 100-degree heat at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago’s Grant Park. She went on to headline the fall’s all-star tour, and was picked to play at Betsey Johnson’s New York City’s Fashion Week show at The Plaza Hotel.

Today marks the release of Ida Maria’s sophomore album, KATLA. This album is 8 tracks of raw and tender emotion. It’s sad, angry, and humorous, all of which what a relationship can be. Whether it’s the slow ballads like “Quite Nice People” and “My Shoes” or the upbeat rock numbers “Cherry Red” and “Bad Karma” there is a lot of intensity and excitement in her music. While the album is short in length, it is big in the impact you will have after listening. Ida Maria is a big, bad rock chick with a lot of chutzpah. Her music is hilariously, honest. She isn’t afraid to show her sexual nature as a woman. Romance, lovers, people sucking, these are the real themes of life with a punky rock edge.

Stand out tracks: “My Shoes,” “Cherry Red,” and “10,000 Lovers”

ESBMusic got to sit down with Ida Maria to talk about her new album, and what her plans are for this upcoming Summer.

ESBM: You have been described as a culmination of various women rockers being called “A cross between Courtney Love, Karen O and Avril Lavigne.” Who would you cite as musical influences?
IM: I´m influenced by The White Stripes, Roy Orbison and Amy Winehouse.

ESBM: Your first album was released in 2008, have you been working two years straight on the album? What is your process for song writing? how long was the writing process for the album?
IM: Well first I spent some time trying to land after three years solid touring around the planet. I never landed..after a while I got bored trying to live a normal life and started making a new album and it went pretty fast, writing and recording took maybe three months. It was a creative explosion and I think I already have a third album ready to record.

ESBM: How do you get inspiration for your songs?
IM: Inspiration is for amateurs! I go in the studio and start playing. I don´t control the music, the music controls me.

ESBM: “I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked” is hilarious and a great song. I know I have felt that way in a couple relationships that went on too long. Was the relationship long?
IM: The relationship with that song has been quite long, yes.

ESBM: Your first single “Bad Karma” has a big, rock feel different than some of your previous work, will the rest of the album be similar or different?
IM: All the songs on this album are different, I think I counted eleven genres. I wanted to make an album about sex. Turned out it´s about hot sauce and evil too.

ESBM:You have streamed a few singles so far, will you stream the full album prior to the release?
IM: Hopefully! I have put out a couple demoes on soundcloud, stuff that probably won´t be released elsewhere.

ESBM:How do the crowds here in the states differ from Europe and other countries?
IM: I love playing in the states, people are usually crazy. I´ve had some pair of tits in my face to put it that way. Also it is a very exiting country to travel around in.

ESBM: What is your favorite place to play?
IM: One of my favourite places to play was in Kansas City, Missouri, manic crowd. But also I just love dirty dark clubs where it´s really intimate and hard.

ESBM:You had a whirlwind tour schedule for your first album release, will you do the same for this upcoming album?
IM: Who knows, when I first start rolling it´s hard to stop.

ESBM: What was your favorite festival that you have played?
IM: Probably Træna festival in the north of Norway.

ESBM:You played at Betsey Johnson’s NYC Fashion Week party, how was that experience? Are you a big Fashionista?
IM: Betsey was a rock an roll girl. Cool girl, rad clothes and exiting to get to do a real fashion show. When it comes to fashion, I don´t love all the demands on a perfect body, I´ll never get there with my rock´n roll diet, haha! But i do love killer clothes, colors, shapes.

ESBM:What are your plans for this summer?
IM: I´m gonna head to California soon and stir it up, and then head back to Norway to play under the midnight sun.

ESBM:Thank you for the interview 😀
IM: Thank you!

For more information on Ida Maria check out her official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Don’t forget to get album when it drops this month on iTunes.

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