Pendulum: Making Your Life More Awesome 1 Song at a Time

What happens when you take dubstep and classic video game sounds and throw them into a techno bag? You get something awesome of course, and that something awesome is Immersion by Pendulum. To unpack all the sounds in each song may be somewhat difficult given the complexity of the genre. However, if we were going to associate the sound with a feeling it would be like having your own theme music. Now if that’s not everyone’s dream then I don’t know what is. Honestly just pick any of the 15 songs, any one of them and walk around town, the mall or even around the house and tell me it doesn’t make your life at least 5 times more exciting. Suddenly walking your dog could lead to space battles, impromptu kung-fu fights and ridiculous explosions.

The intro’s title, “Genesis” sounds video game like enough and it certainly backs up that claim with a minute long trip into another world. Now I know that sounds a little cheesy, but listen to that song with your eyes closed (not if you’re driving) and tell me that I’m lying. “Salt in the Wounds” is a mixture between Prodigy and Double Dragon that’s so hectic it almost goes over the edge into noise instead of music, but hangs on just by a hair. Some songs hold onto the techno roots of the Australian group, but then comes in “Self vs. Self” featuring In Flames which adds metal into the mix; still kind of undecided on whether or not this is a good thing. The album is a journey, I’m not quite sure to where but I know that it’s going to be exciting. This is the kind of music that can make intense moments insane and bland moments exciting, it’s a musical fire flower.

For more information on Pendulum check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get their album Immersion now on iTunes.

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