The August Infinity ‘To Whom It May Concern’ Album Review

The August Infinity
, a five-piece rock band based in Brooklyn, NY, has come a long way from its genesis when drummer Ian Pierce discovered lead singer Joshua Hawksley singing as a subway performer. In recent years, the band has since honed its skills and hardened their pure adrenaline infused rock sound playing off the added talents of bassist Chris Moss and guitarists Peter Strzelecki and Frank Grullon.

With their hard rock sound and catchy hooks that penetrated through their debut album Voices of a Generation they proved they were worth taking notice of, but their latest endeavor shows that they are here to stay. Their 5 track EP, To Whom It May Concern, might have been self produced by the band in their Brooklyn loft but it sounds very professional in quality. This album helps showcase August Infinity’s hard edge and Hawksley scratchy yet melodic vocals. This effort follows in the vein of their last album with catchy choruses, powerful instrumentation, and good songwriting added to the mix.

The album starts off with their best rock song of the bunch, the hard hitting “Make You Crazy,” which immediately hooks you with the catchy lyrics and an aggressive chorus. This song shows off some impressive guitar playing and their signature harmonized vocals which rotate between singing and shouting, with dynamic overlapping backing vocals.

The second song “So Long” slows things down a bit to really showcase the strong song writing skills of the group in this bewitching number about letting go. The addition of the female vocals at the end are lovely and add another layer to the storytelling affect of this song.

The middle track, “Mother Mary,” one of the bands hardest song to date, starts off with solid instrumentals, slowly builds up to fiery hard rock chorus, and ends with a screeching finale.

The next song “Fever” best showcases all members of the bands talent – from the impressive guitar solo’s to quality vocals that range from soft and sincere to aggressive and hard hitting. This track about moving on, is full of variety and one of the bands most flashy numbers to date both instrumentally and vocally.

The album closes with the beautiful and haunting “Some Kind of Lullaby” which is perfectly titled due to the softer nature of the song. Up until this point the band proved they could rock out but this song
exposes their lighter side and it is one that proves to be the most memorable moment. You can feel the intense emotion through every second of the song and through every dramatic pause, up until the perfect closing line “The August skies, they live in you Tonight”

While many of the songs on this EP allude to letting go and moving on, this is one album that should be held onto and played on heavy rotation. For fan’s in the NYC area, the official release show of
The August Infinity’s new EP To Whom It May Concern is set for July 21st at Irving Plaza. Be sure to check out this versatile and talented band in person.

For more information on the band check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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