Song of the Day: “If You Believe” by Goodnight Caulfield

Song of the Day: "If You Believe" by Goodnight Caulfield

Today’s song is “If You Believe” by Goodnight Caulfield. This song is off the San Diego-based band’s new EP entitled Taking Shape. Goodnight Caulfield was created in late 2006 when best friends’ guitarist/vocalist Adam Cuadra and lead guitarist Joey Meza got together and started creating music.

They enlisted the aid of drummer Matt Clemens who wowed them with an ear-shattering drum solo, and their newest member Brian Disney. Goodnight Caulfield’s name is in reference to Holden Caulfield of the best-selling novel The Catcher in the Rye.

The band is bidding adieu to Caulfield’s style of rebellious pessimism and negativity in order to welcome something more positive- something they hope their music brings to people.

The band has a positive and upbeat nature that is heard throughout their music. You can’t help but love the energetic alt-rock vibe.

Listen below and for more information check out their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Get their EP now on Amazon.

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