Song of the Day: “Hey Sexy Lady” by i SQUARE

Today’s song is “Hey Sexy Lady” by i SQUARE. The story of i SQUARE revolves around a series of chance meetings in a studio owned by the incomparable Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, when several band members were working for the music production collective known as The Pentagon. This was the place where Briddy, Mike J, 10 Beats, and Destiny came together to create one group who churns out some funky and enjoyable dance beats

The fashion-forward quartet describes their mission simply: “We’re into the idea of making ‘Squares’ Cool – for the kids out there who might not be in the ‘cool clique’ but can shine in their own way.” Armed with “Hey Sexy Lady” – a dance floor igniting lead single that showcases each member’s strengths – and receiving the full support of Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is executive producing their debut album, i SQUARE is ready to takeover the world. No matter how big (or small) it really is.

Listen to “Hey Sexy Lady” and download the single now on iTunes. Get the latest i SQUARE info, new music, and video content at

I SQUARE “Hey Sexy Lady” by Interscope Records

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