American Bang Review

Made up of four high school friends from Nashville, TN, this quartet has been around since 2005 and is trying to make the sounds of their rock ‘n roll heard everywhere. Although I think American Bang is a very good band that has great chemistry, I’m not completely head over heels in love with these Southern rock stars. They make some of the perfect background music to me – 1) I can’t always follow what Jaren (vocals) is singing 2) even when I can make out the lyrics, most often than not I can’t relate. When that happens, the song no longer appeals to my attention span, and simply becomes noise. “Rewind” and “Other Side of You” are a couple of the songs that made me do a double-take. Other than that, I kind of breezed through the playlist and moved on. Surrounded by incredible musical influences in a city such as Nashville, American Bang has growth potential in numerous directions – I’m just not sure if they’ll ever appeal to the urban audiences such as myself. If you want to judge for yourself, check them out live as they just started their US tour!

For more information, please visit their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Get their debut album now on iTunes!

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