‘Catching a Tiger’ Catches Attention

It’s catchy, it is full of talent, and it channels rebellion. It’s singer/songwriter Lissie’s first full-length release, Catching a Tiger.

Lissie’s musical style embodies several genres, including pop-rock, country, blues, folk, indie, and the list could go on. Each song on the album changes in an interesting way that keeps listeners on their toes, their ears perked-up.

Without reading her bio, Lissie’s lyrics speak loud and clear: teen rebellion in the heart of America. While Lissie currently spends the majority of her time in California and the U.K., she grew-up near the Mississippi River in Illinois. Any American-at-heart may relate to the blonde with vast blue eyes.

Catching a Tiger boasts the track “When I’m Alone.” Notably the album’s best sing-along. Listening enthralls you to get in the car, put the top down, and drive down the highway with the sun on your face and the chorus in your ears. The music video for “Cuckoo” offers a look back to the younger Lissie, and the inspiration for much of this album.

Overall, Catching a Tiger could launch a huge musical career for Lissie in the future. It is the artist’s bluesy voice that keeps it from sounding too country for the mainstream.

Check out the artist’s MySpace for a fun, live cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

Get Catching a Tiger now on iTunes.

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